Stuck in the Urgent, Sacrificing the Future

As an avid sports fan, I always enjoy it when each sport approaches draft season. Draft season is a time when professional teams assess which young players they can add to their roster to improve their team. Athleticism, talent, attitude, work ethic, and sports IQ are measured and evaluated. Throughout the process, there is one... Continue Reading →

The Exhaustion of too many Hats!

Just because you can wear every hat doesn't mean that you should wear every hat. In ministry, there is the constant pressure to wear every hat of every role that people expect you to fulfill. In smaller and rural churches, this can be especially true and exhausting. One day you are the preacher, the next... Continue Reading →

The Trampled Mind of a Rural Pastor

Ignorance, in many ways, is bliss when you don't know everyone. I remember growing up in the city and seeing so many people but only connecting to a few. You didn't know who lived down the block, and you certainly didn't know who their parents and grandparents were. You were clueless about the condition of... Continue Reading →

Where did the BIG KINGDOM go?

It is no secret that many rural communities are slowly shrinking. Young professionals move away, and an older generation begins to pass away. As the town shrinks, often, so does the church. Does it have to be this way? What causes our kingdom view to get smaller while the town does? From my experience, there... Continue Reading →

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