LeadRural is run by Matt Stieger. Matt has worked in rural churches for over 10 years. He has served in churches of 10, 40, 200 and 600. Originally, he grew up in Buffalo NY, however after attending college in Missouri, he began to serve in the rural church.

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Matt currently serves as Lead Minister at Crossroads Christian Church in Macon MO. Since beginning at Crossroads in 2008 the church has grown from 200 to over 600 people on Sundays in a town of 5000 people.  Matt has developed a heart for seeing the rural church succeed.

“Just because the town is small does not mean that God can’t do big things”

Small communities and churches all around our country have an opportunity to reach people with the love of Jesus. Just because something is small does not mean that it should be lead poorly. Courageous leadership begins when a few are watching closely, not just a crowd. LeadRural exists to encourage and equip leaders in the trenches of ministry that no one knows about.

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